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Join thousands who already know that Tidecast is the best free tide app for iPhone with weather and solunar data in the App Store.

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The Best Free Tide App You Will Ever Need

The best free tide app for iPhone. That’s right, it’s free! As outdoor and water activity lovers ourselves, we just built the best free tide app that we wanted to use — and couldn’t find anywhere else. We wanted an app that would give us all of the information we wanted (sun, moon, current weather, weather forecast, water temperature, and tide predictions) all in a single view. Of course, we also wanted lots of other features, so we added those too. We think you will love Tidecast no matter what you do on or near the water.

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Hybrid Map Style
free tide app tidecast
Over 3,200 Tide Stations
free tide app tidecast
Save Unlimited Favorites
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60 Day Graph With Historical
Customize To Your Liking

Why Tidecast?


Tidecast gives you single view access to tide station data, 7-day tide prediction, 7-day weather forecast, 48-hour pinpoint hourly forecast, current weather conditions, and solar/lunar data. No other tide app fits this into a single view.

Hybrid/Sat or Normal Maps

Select your map style from the settings view. Use the hybrid style to see satellite details of the normal view to see more definition.

Historical & Future Tides

In the 60-day tide prediction view, jump backward or forward infinitely in 60 day increments.

60-Day Tide Forecast

Get a 60-days of tide forecasts with graphical view of low/high/span. Easily view tide patterns, flood, king, and ebb tides in one view for a full 60 days.

Native Dark Mode

Tidecast supports Apple's native dark mode and will adjust on the fly as you switch modes. This is helpful in low-light situations.

It's Free!

We make Tidecast free, supported only by a minimal ad popup. If you want to remove the ad, the cost is only $1.99 — surely a bargain for this complete tide and weather app.

Weather For Days

Let’s face it, if you are looking for tide information, you’re probably interested in weather forecasts too. If you are an angler, a surfer, a beach walker, or a water sports enthusiast, you likely match the weather forecast with outdoor water activity. We bring it all to you in one simple view including detailed pinpoint weather for every one of the thousands of locations we report tidal data. You get 7 day extended forecast and 48 hours of hourly forecasts with detailed meteorological data.

best free tide app tidecast
Hourly & Daily Weather Forecasts + Current Conditions
Weather Details for Current, Hourly & Daily

For Anglers

If you are a saltwater angler, love to fish, or just be out on the water, Tidecast is for you. Our tide app is built for fishermen and fishing. With everything you need on a single view, you can get your perfect fishing forecast right at your fingertips. Save tide stations that are near your perfect fishing hole and have them coming up immediately upon opening the app. You can also check weather for your favorite fish drop as long as 7 days out.

Planning a fishing trip in the future? Our app lets you see unlimited tide forecasts into the future in 60 day increments with a graph so you can spot tide heights at a glance along with solunar data for sun/moon times.t

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Tidecast Features At A Glance

Tidecast is the best free tide app, bar none. Track unlimited tide predictions for thousands of tide stations in the US and extended territories.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why do you claim that Tidecast is the best free tide app?

We believe Tidecast is the best tide app, period. It is by far the best free tide app for iPhone because it provides something other tide apps do not — the ability to get tide predictions, weather, and solunar data all in a single view for multiple dates. That’s something we have not seen in another tide app.

What can I use Tidecast for?

You can use the Tidecast app for any number of water-related activities, including fishing, boating, kayaking, beach-going, pier fishing, surf-fishing, surfing, and even hunting. 

Want to time that next boat launch perfectly and make sure the weather is fine? Tidecast can give you all the information you need. Does your travel route include roads that get flooded by Spring tides? Check the 60-day forecast (or beyond) to find out which days/times you may have trouble. Want to know what the moon phase is for a night fishing trip planned well into the future? You can rely on Tidecast to give you accurate lunar data and tide predictions months in advance.

We have also heard from surfers to beacah walkers who love our app to give them the information they need to time their activity precisely, including an hourly weather forecast.

Where does your data come from?

Our tide prediction data is taken directly from NOAA CO-OPS data retrieval API, the trusted data source for tide predictions in the US and outer territories. We currently provide data from over 3,200 tide stations.

Our weather data comes from DarkySky data API. We make calls based on lat/lon of the selected tide station and over 10 data points for current weather conditions, a 7-day forecast, and 48-hour hourly forecast. 

All of our solunar (sun and moon data) is provided by performing onboard calculations using the ephemerides formulas based on lat/lon position of the selected tide station.

Do you provide water temperature?

Tidecast provides water temperature for around 245 tide stations — that is, tide stations that have physical measuring instruments for water temperature. Tide stations that report real-time water temperature are indicated on the map with a green pin. The water temperature is displayed in the tide station info on the detail screen.

You mention harmonic tide stations and subordinate stations. What does this mean?

A harmonic station is usually (not always) a physical station with instruments that measure various tidal attributes including heights, temperature, current speed, etc. A harmonic station does not always provide the same number of data attributes so we take what is given. Harmonic stations are usually distributed fairly evenly throughout coastal areas.

A subordinate, or reference, tide station is a virtual tide station that provides data derived from the harmonic stations.

In Tidecast you can determine the difference by the color of the pin on the map. Harmonic stations with water temp have green pins, harmonic stations without water temp have blue pins, and sub or reference stations have red pins. 

What is solunar data?

The name Solunar (Sol for sun and Lunar for moon) came about in 1926 and was first written about by John Alden Knight. He expanded a theory that he believed by using the sun and moon positions at any given time, fishermen and hunters can to determine the best days of the month and times of the day for catching fish and hunting game.

While Tidecast doesn’t currently offer that correlation and identify best times, it does provide all of the relevant data for solunar predictions.

What if I want to check a tide for a trip planned well into the future? Can I use Tidecast for that?

Yes, easily. Simply find the tide station(s) relevant to your trip location. Pull up the detail for that station and then tap the 60-Day >> button at the top of the 7 day tide prediction table. That will open the 60-Day graph showing you a visual of 60 days of tide predictions with low/high and delta tides. You can easily spot king and neap tides over a 60 day period. You can select any day for all tide cycle data for that date as well as solunar data.

Tap the 60 day forward or backword buttons to look into the future or see historical tides. This is virtually an infinite capability. 

I only check 3 or 4 locations for tides. Can I save those and access them later?

Yes, you can very easily mark a tide station as a favorite by tapping the heart icon at the top right of the detail view for a station. You can then recall your favorites by tapping the heart icon on the bottom-right of the map view. You can also have those favorites show each time you open the app, as well as, manage the favorites. You do this in the settings view (accessed from the settings button at the top right of the map view.

Will Tidecast run on an iPad?

Yes, Tidecast will run on an iPad with iOS 12 or higher. It is not optimized for iPad and will simply run very similar to the way it runs on an iPhone. Based on the app needing a wifi or cellular connection to operate, we do not have plans to optimize the app for iPad.

Will Tidecast run without an internet connection?

No. Tidecast requires an internet connect to operate because it is constantly making calls to various data APIs for tide prediction and weather data.

Does Tidecast require my location?

No. Tidecast does not require your location but allowing Tidecast to access your location while using the app is highly recommended for convenience. This way the app can determine tide stations around you and pinpoint your location on the map. If you need to allow Tidecast to access your location, this can be done in te iOS settings for the Tidecast app. Simply select While using…

Do you only show saltwater tides?

We do not distinguish between saltwater tides, brackish tides, or even freshwater tides. We show tides for all tide stations that are reported by the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA), which is the US authority on tide prediction. Some of our tide predictions are clearly for stations further upstream from the coast in which case they would be considered fresh or brackish in nature.

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